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Welcome to the Kiamichi Wilderness Landowner's Association
Our 1st Quarter 2021 Board Meeting is scheduled for March 13th at 11AM in the Firehouse Community Center
HomeBylaws / Deed Restrictions

All landowners who have purchased land which is part of the original Kiamichi Wilderness have deed covenants and restrictions against their properties as filed when the Wilderness was incorporated.  Landowners should be aware of these and make every effort to follow them to the best of their abilities.  While the KWLA may not have the means to enforce all of the restrictions, certain restrictions such as not dividing land into smaller than 2.5 acre lots will be upheld.

The main section of the covenants/restrictions can be found here : Deed Restrictions / Covenants

The current bylaws, as filed with the Pushmataha County Clerk on 12/1/2008, can be found here: KWLA Bylaws as Filed 12/1/2008